At Last, The Secrets To buying testosterone cypionate Is Revealed

We all know what testosterone is. Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man male!

This hormone single-handedly accounts for many of the physical and emotional characteristics of men. It is when the testes begin to produce sufficient quantities of testosterone that secondary sexual characteristics begin to appear in adolescent boys. It aids fat loss, muscle gain, increased strength in the muscles and bones, maintains lean muscle and even boosts sex drive.
Testosterone is a very popular drug that contains testosterone ester. This is a long acting version of testosterone because the ester gives the hormone an active life of almost 15 days. Thus testosterone can keep testosterone levels high even after a week to 10 days of injection. Users generally inject the hormone once a week and register exceptional gains in physical strength and size.

Some people prefer to buy testosterone orally since there is no pain involved. Testosterone is the most prescribed form of testosterone in the UK.

Testosterone is generally injected into the body and is used by people who want to gain muscle mass. This is because the Testosterone increases nitrogen retention in the cells and the more nitrogen your cells retain, the more protein it can hold. And everyone knows that proteins are the building blocks of muscle.

On another point Teststosterone is great for recovery of muscles, increases muscle fiber and promotes fat loss. Since testosterone has the unique property of promoting glycogen synthesis, the body gets extra energy for more intense workouts.

This in turn, increases muscle strength and muscle gain. So, if you want to get bigger and stronger fast, testosterone can help you.
Over and above the physical advantage, testosterone also gives users a tremendous mental oomph. It increases aggression and enhances dominant behaviour. This results in an increase in confidence and explains the competitive ‘edge’ that users often experience when they buy testosterone.

Testosterone is an excellent hormone for beginners. Since it is quite cheap and widely available in the Uk, it is a popular choice for anyone who wants to build muscle mass. Easy availability does not mean that you buy from shady sources and end up with counterfeit products.

While the long term use of testosterone cypionate has a number of positive results, some users also experience side effects. Increased deposits of testosterone can easily be converted to estrogen, which is a female hormone. This has some rather undesirable effects in men, like the growth of male breast tissue, shrinking of the testicles and a slump in sex drive.

Some users also experience male pattern baldness and urinary problems. However, most of these side effects vanish when users stop taking the drug.
One of the best ways to ensure maximum benefits from testosterone is to make sure that you take in the recommended dosage at proper intervals. Of course, good food, exercise and rest are other factors that boost the benefits derived from the use of such drugs. On a final thought, always remember that although prices may fluctuate a little, it is recommended that you find testosterone from a reputable online source so you can get authentic drugs.

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